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TI offers phone-on-a-chip


TI is sampling a chip that provides the foundation for IP phone applications. Based on the TMS320C55 digital signal processor and an enhanced high-speed MIPS 32 RISC core, the TNETV1050 IP phone processor integrates a specialized dual-channel, 16-bit audio codec (including handset, headset and speaker drivers) and an Ethernet subsystem that includes two Ethernet MACs and PHYs and a three-port line rate switch. The processor can also be used with TI's 802.3af-compliant TPS2370 power interface switch to support Power-over-Ethernet.

Combining software and silicon, the TNETV1050 platform incorporates TIs Telogy Software, including pre-integrated industry operating systems and protocol stacks, such as H.323 and session initiation protocol (SIP).

Using TIs VLYNQ chip-to-chip serial interface, IP phone manufacturers can map additional functionality into their products either at the time of their design, or later, as demand for a feature or application emerges. With VLYNQ, manufacturers can add on-board coprocessors and peripherals to enhance communications devices. In addition to supporting voice, these devices will also support low-cost encryption, video, multimedia, wireless and security applications.

The TNETV1050 features a USB interface, enabling end users to connect to any USB-enabled external peripheral device such as a video camera, PDA, memory stick, fingerprint recognition device, or card reader. Also included on the chip are a flexible USB Host and Peripheral Controller with PHY, a keypad controller, a configurable serial port and a 16-bit color LCD controller. The LCD controller, which supports three external display types — alphanumeric, rasterized graphic, and micro-interface graphic — allows customers to build a variety of phones with different display options on the same platform.

TI is currently sampling the TNETV1050. Expected pricing for 100k volumes is less than $15 each. A software development platform, reference design, and software are also available.

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