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TI releases 32-bit DSC kits

Nuremberg, Germany — Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) has announced five development kits for its 32-bit TMS320F28x digital signal controllers (DSCs). The kits target communications infrastructure, industrial and consumer applications. Each kit includes code examples and full hardware design details along with TI's Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) 32 KB limited integrated development environment (IDE).

The kits include interchangeable processor card modules (controlCARDs), Experimenter Kits with breadboard areas for full access to device signals, and application specific DC/DC and AC/DC Digital Power Developer's Kits. The kits, are supported by the new USB2000 JTAG emulator from Blackhawk. Table 1 lists the details of these new products.


Part Number

Suggested resale price

F2808 controlCARD



F28335 controlCARD



F2808 Experimenter's Kit



F28335 Experimenter's Kit



Digital Power Experimenter's Kit



DC/DC Developer's Kit



AC/DC Developer's Kit



USB2000 JTAG Emulator



Table 1. Suggested resale prices for DSC kits

The DC/DC and AC/DC Developer's Kits are available for order entry with shipping in July. All other kits are available now.

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