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TI ships 90nm DSPs running at 1 GHz in volume

Houston — Texas Instruments says it is now shipping volume quantities of its 1 GHz DSPs that are manufactured on the company's 90nm process technology. TI began shipping 90 nm versions of the TMS320C6414T, TMS320C6415T and TMS320C641 last January. For story, see TI GHz DSP.

The new 1GHz DSPs are manufactured today on 200mm, copper wafers; however TI recently qualified 90nm process in its DMOS6 advanced 300mm manufacturing facility to provide additional manufacturing capacity and cost advantages.

Building around a DSP core that can execute four parallel 16-bit MAC units (eight 8-bit MAC units for video applications), the C641xT DSPs offer one Megabyte (MB) of on-chip high-speed memory and high-speed peripherals that accelerate processing of real-time data. The devices include a 64-channel enhanced direct memory access (EDMA) controller delivering input/output efficiency that manages data transfer from system memory at gigabytes per second, three multi-channel buffered serial ports (McBSPs) each supporting 128 time-division multiplex (TDM) channels as well as AC97 and IIS audio interfaces, and on-board Viterbi and Turbo coprocessors on the C6416T to further improve the channel capacity of communications infrastructure systems.

By also migrating the 720 MHz versions of these three devices to the 90nm CMOS process, the company has achieved a 50 percent price reduction for customers versus the 130nm 720 MHz devices, according to TI. TI is also announcing a new 1 GHz DSP Starter Kit (DSK) and EEMBC benchmarks.

The C641xT devices are shipping now in volume quantities in a variety of configurations, with 1 GHz, 720 MHz and 600 MHz versions. Pricing starts at $189 for the 1 GHz C6414T with 1 MB of on-chip memory in 10,000 unit production quantities. The 720 MHz versions of these devices will also be available with up to a 50 percent price reduction versus previous 130nm versions, including the 90 nm 720 MHz C6415T with 1 MB of on-chip memory starting at $99.97 in 10,000 unit production quantities. The 1 GHz C6416T DSP Starter Kit (DSK) is $495.

For more information on TI's DSP offerings, please visit www.ti.com.

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