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TI unleashes multicore-capable TMS320C6671 DSP

San Jose, Ca. – In anticipation of the Embedded Systems Conference here the week of May 2 to 6, Texas Instruments has taken the wraps off the newest digital signal processor in its TMS320C66x DSP family as well as enhancements to its TMS320C6670 radio System-on-Chip (SoC).

Designated the TMS320C6671, the single core device is based on TI’s KeyStone multicore architecture, providing developers with a clear migration path to multicore designs.

According to Ramesh Kumar, business manager, multicore and media infrastructure, Texas Instruments, TI’s C6671 DSP is based on a a strategic design approach that familiarizes developers with multicore devices without needing the expertise of working with such a device.

Using TI’s C6671 DSP, he said, developers can test out whether or not multicore devices suit their needs and explore options for migrating their designs to other processors in TI’s C66x DSP portfolio if more performance is needed down the road.

By offering pin and software compatible platforms across TI’s TMS320C6672, TMS320C6674 and TMS320C6678 multicore DSPs, said Kuman, developers can more easily design integrated, power and cost-efficient products for high-performance markets such as mission critical, public safety and defense, medical and high-end imaging, test and automation, high-performance computing and core networking.

TI’s second release, the enhanced C6670 radio SoC is a 1.2 GHz four core device boasting improved accelerators for communications-centric applications including software defined radios (SDRs), public safety and emerging broadband radio systems.

The added enhancements to the C6670 radio SoC include a new multistandard Bit Rate Coprocessor (BCP) as well as other coprocessors that accelerate physical layer processing for LTE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and WiMAX, substantially increasing system capacity and performance with low latency.

In addition, the well balanced programmable CPU cores and configurable accelerators enable software defined radios with a simplified programming model. Kumar said addition of improved accelerators enables developers to develop multistandard communications-centric solutions for the industry.

Available for the new architecture are low cost evaluation modules (EVMs) to help developers quickly get started with designs using the C6670, C6671, C6672, C6674, or C6678 DSPs. The TMDXEVM6670L and TMDXEVM6678L sell for $399 each and include a free MCSDK, Code Composer Studio (CCS) integrated development environment (IDE) and suite of application/demo codes to allow programmers to quickly come up to speed on the new platform. Order entry is open today for the C6671 DSP, C6670 radio SoC and EVMs. Pricing for the C6671 DSP starts at $79 for 1,000 units.

To learn more, go to www.ti.com.

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