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Tilera releases 9-core network processor


Tilera Corp.  has just released its 40 nm CMOS TILE-Gx9, a 64-bit 9-core processor targeted at applications in networking, multimedia, storage and general purpose computing.

It incorporates a memory controller, Ethernet and PCI Express interfaces, crypto and compression engines and consumes a maximum of 10 watts.

The TILE-Gx9 is being targeted at use in 10Gbps routers, firewall appliances, networked storage platforms, wireless access controllers and applications such as running video conferencing with multi-channel H.264 1080-line progressive scan encode/decode.

Configured as a 3 by 3 array of three-issue, 64-bit cores, it uses a proprietary iMesh on-chip network that supports an advanced virtual memory system.

Each core includes 32-kbytes of L1 I-cache, 32-kbytes of L1 D-cache and 256-kbytes of L2 cache, with 2.3-Mbytes of L3 coherent cache across the device. To insure efficient processor utilization it also incorporates on-board a 72-bit DDR3 memory controller.

Integrated I/O features include up to 12 ports of 1-Gbps Ethernet and 2 ports of 10-Gbps Ethernet, along with multiple PCI Express controllers that can be configured as either root complex or endpoints.

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