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Time for an island vacation?

In many cities, cameras record red-light runners. In London, technology enforces a law that requires you to pay to drive in the central part of the city. The ability to monitor our activities is made possible largely by embedded systems technology. Embedded systems can also collect and maintain information about us. In the US, the Total Information Awareness program promises to tie all information sources into a central database.

Is our privacy in jeopardy or are we simply taking necessary precautions in these perilous times? Jack Ganssle looks at the pros and cons of having technology that can keep tabs on us in “Who’s Watching?”

The poll that accompanies Jack's treatise asks if you are at all concerned that embedded systems will soon be used to track your every move. An amazing percentage of you have indicated you're ready to move to Bora Bora.

The poll is for entertainment purposes only, as they say.

Those of you not leaving on the next plane will surely want to read “Lex and Yacc for Embedded Programmers.” Ancient Unix utilities Lex (lexical analyzer) and yacc (yet another compiler-compiler) are free parser development tools that can help you write software in C or C++ that interprets or transforms structured input. For example, they can help you generate some of your target code automatically.

A new addition to the demo repository is a link to the C/51 V1.10.4 compiler from Wickenhuser Elektrotechnik, in Karlsruhe, Germany. It's a limited 8kb demo version of an ANSI C compiler for the 8051 family.

You'll also find two additions to the Embedded Bookshelf. First is Understanding Digital Signal Processing. This book, authored by by TRW engineer Richard G. Lyons, contains a collection of tips to make DSP algorithms more efficient.

The second addition is Designing with FPGAs and CPLDs by Bob Zeidman. You might recognize Bob's name from the Embedded Systems Conference where he speaks on FPGA and ASIC design. In the book he explains the procedure for designing programmable devices from specification through production.

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