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TimeMachine enables debugging forward and backward in time


The TimeMachine 4-D debugger provides developers with visibility into an application's behavior both forward and backward in time, according to Green Hills, Inc., giving developers the ability to run and step an application back in time after a failure occurs to allow identification of its root cause.

TimeMachine exploits the Green Hills SuperTrace probe that can collect up to a Gigabyte of trace data. SuperTrace works with trace ports running at speeds claimed to be beyond 300 MHz, collecting trace data while the CPU executes at full speed. The TimeMachine software then analyzes the trace data to reconstruct the code execution steps that the processor followed.

The debugger includes CodeReplay technology, an enhancement to the MULTI IDE that uses the trace reconstruction to drive a debugging session that can move forwards and backwards in time as needed. The company says that the cause of a memory corruption can be discovered by setting a watch point and running the debugger backwards to find where the memory was written. Then developers can single step forwards and backwards to view variables and registers.

TimeMachine's PathAnalyzer displays the sequence of function calls that occurred in call stack order. Developers can examine the flow of execution at a high level or see individual function calls at a low level.

TimeMachine is also integrated with the MULTI EventAnalyzer operating system analysis tool and the MULTI Performance and Code Coverage Profiler. Moreover, the Green Hills processor simulators, including the ISIM simulator for the INTEGRITY RTOS, support generation of trace data for use with TimeMachine.

TimeMachine is designed to work with the MULTI IDE version 4.0. The price for the TimeMachine toolkit, including the SuperTrace probe and MULTI IDE, starts at $17,900 USD.

Green Hills Software
Santa Barbara, CA

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