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TimeSys introduces development tools for Linux 2.6

A suite of Eclipse-compliant embedded development tools work with commercial and homegrown versions of the newest Linux kernel, version 2.6. The TimeStorm Linux Tool Suite includes a set of tools for porting, developing, customizing and testing Linux kernels, device drivers, root filesystems, and application software.

Timesys says that the TimeStorm Linux Tool Suite has been tested and certified to work with standard 2.4 and 2.6 Linux kernels from the open source community and commercial distributions from Linux vendors and that it allows developers to adopt any flavor of the Linux operating system for embedded development projects.

The TimeStorm Linux Tool Suite includes plug-ins to enable the end-to-end development and testing of any Linux-based embedded system. The company claims that this suite of tools supports every step in the Linux development process.

TimeStorm IDE is a GUI development tool built on the open-source Eclipse platform, providing embedded Linux developers control over creating, editing, compiling, and debugging C/C++/Java embedded and real-time systems.

Plug-ins to the suite's TimeStorm IDE include Linux Development Suite plug-ins for building, configuring and booting a custom Linux system and Linux Verification Suite plug-ins for automating the testing and validation of the Linux system.

These tools can be purchased standalone for use with a homegrown or third-party commercial Linux distributions or can be purchased as part of TimeSys' TimeStorm LDKs, which include a reference 2.6 Linux kernel from TimeSys or existing TimeSys Linux v2.4 SDKs.

The TimeSys TimeStorm Linux Tool Suite, which includes the TimeStorm IDE, is now available from TimeSys sales and distribution channels, and can be purchased online at www.timesys.com/buy/tools. Pricing for the TimeStorm IDE is $795 per developer seat, and the complete TimeStorm Linux Tool Suite is $4,795.

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