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TimeSys JVM makes predictable Java

The JTime series of software development kits from TimeSys are the first embedded Java development environments to comply with the real-time specification for Java, a standard developed to make the language viable in real-time systems. The kits can be packaged as a standalone version of the JTime Java virtual machine, which is certified by Sun Microsystems, or as off-the-shelf SDKs with TimeSys' Linux offering. In the latter form, the kit includes TimeStorm, an Eclipse-based Java, C, and C++ integrated development environment; TimeSys' Linux run-time environment; and an Ahead-of-Time compiler.

“Our early access customers are using JTime with TimeSys' Linux/Real-Time to develop applications for which Java would never have been considered,” said TimeSys CEO Larry Weidman. Weidman also said that customers were using JTime in the development of “such large-scale, mission-critical, distributed applications as power plant control, industrial automation, and military avionics.”

TimeSys customers currently using JTime include Boeing, MKS Instruments, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Siemens AG, and Sun Microsystems.

The real-time specification for Java that JTime supports was developed by an expert group formed under the Java Community Process to make Java a viable language in systems that require predictable timing. The specification addresses the general Java language's lack of predictability by requiring the use of no-heap, real-time threads to run above the garbage collector, and the addition of support for periodic events and timers, asynchronous interrupt exceptions, asynchronous events, sporadic scheduling, and deadline-miss detection. A technology is deemed compatible with the real-time specification for Java after the results of checking it against a technology compatibility kit are evaluated by the Java Community Process.

JTime is available now.

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