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Timing analysis software delivers faster speed


Santa Clara, Calif. — Extreme DA has added a multi-dimensional optimization (MXO) capability to its GoldTime timing analyzer. The company claims the new option provides the fastest way to analyze complex digital SoC designs with the smallest number of computer resources.

GoldTime provides timing analysis for performance sign-off of IC designs manufactured in advanced nanometer (nm) processes. With its ThreadWave technology, which allows all process, voltage, and temperature corners to be analyzed concurrently with only a minimal runtime penalty, GoldTime is said to deliver 5x better speed and capacity over popular solutions in use today.

With the addition of the MXO multi-dimensional optimization capability, it delivers up to a 10x faster timing sign-off and design improvement, said Extreme DA. GoldTime works with both nominal and statistical model libraries and supports corner-based and statistical design flows.

In addition, GoldTime's unified analysis database provides an efficient and precise means to store and optimize analysis data. Optimization inside the timing analysis loop means improvements are considered simultaneously, and design improvements or engineering change orders (ECOs) are generated with a better quality and precision than scenario methods that collect and post-process separate runs, said the company.

Pricing: MXO option pricing starts at $75,000 depending on configuration.
Product information: GoldTime

Extreme DA , www.extreme-da.com

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