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Tiny 3D image sensor uses time of flight technology

Infineon-REAL3-3D-image-sensor-smallInfineon Technologies AG, in collaboration with software and 3D time of flight (ToF) system specialist pmdtechnologies ag, has claimed the industry’s smallest and most powerful 3D image sensor. Unveiled at CES 2020, the new REAL3 single-chip solution is Infineon’s fifth generation of ToF deep sensors. In addition to its small footprint of 4.4 x 5.1 mm, the chip provides the highest resolution data with low power consumption.

Infineon’s deep sensor, or depth sensor ToF technology, enables an accurate 3D image of faces, hand details, or objects for applications that require exact matches to the original image. One example cited is payment transactions using mobile phones or devices that don’t need bank details, bank cards, or cashiers, and the payment is carried out via facial recognition.

“This requires an extremely reliable and secure image and return transmission of the high-resolution 3D image data. The same applies to securely unlocking devices with a 3D image,” said Infineon.

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Figure. Time of flight (ToF) technology performs per-pixel measurements of depth, amplitude and phase difference of reflect light to build a 3D image. (Source: Infineon)

Key features include the capability to work in extreme lighting conditions including bright sunlight and in the dark, and real-time full-3D mapping for augmented reality (AR) experiences. The chip also provides additional options for camera applications such as enhanced auto focus, bokeh effect for photo and video, and improved resolution in poor lighting.

Production of the REAL3 chip will begin in the middle of 2020. Infineon also offers an optimized illumination driver (IRS9100C) as part of a complete solution that further improves performance, size, and cost, said the company.

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