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Tiny board does high performance DSP

Critical Link today announced the MityDSP-Pro, a high-end edition of its customizable MityDSP platform. The MityDSP-Pro features a Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320C6455 DSP clocked at 1.2 GHz. This DSP gives the MityDSP-Pro five to six times the processing power of the original MityDSP. The MityDSP-Pro targets data- and processing-intensive applications including embedded radar control and signal processing, high data rate real-time data acquisition, image processing, video processing, and fine-tolerance manufacturing test and control.

Figure 1. MitySDP-Pro

The MityDSP-Pro integrates the TI C6455 DSP with a Xilinx XC3S2000 Spartan 3 FPGA, FLASH and DDR2 SDRAM, and includes support for four 1x Serial Rapid I/O links. The MityDSP-Pro is also available with the lower-cost TI TMS320C6454 processor which supports CPU clock speeds up to 1 GHz. The module is also available with a larger FPGA, up to a Spartan 4000 series.

In a typical implementation, Critical Link engineers work with their customers to create a production-ready I/O interface card to carry system interfaces driven by the MityDSP-Pro. The available interfaces include analog-to-digital convertors, digital-to-analog convertors, Ethernet ports, and GPIO.

The MityDSP-Pro is notable for its small size, as shown in Figure 1. This should speed productization for size constrained applications. It is also notable that previous generation MityDSPs used TI's floating-point C6711. Critical Link reports that floating-point emulation takes 3x more clock cycles than hardware floating-point, but that the much higher clock rate of the fixed-point DSPs more than makes up for the increased cycles.

The MityDSP-Pro standard module is priced at $1,295 in quantities of 100. The MityDSP-Pro module is also available in production quantities. For more information visit www.MityDSP.com

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