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Tiny dual-axis gyroscope fixes image stabilization problem


InvenSense is addressing image quality problems in the camera-phone market with its miniature image stabilization system. Consumers accustomed to digital still cameras (DSCs) are dissatisfied with camera phone image quality, which suffers from blurring caused by natural hand jitter, especially when jitter is magnified by autofocus and zoom features. While DSCs have room to integrate image stabilization systems, camera-phone circuitry is tightly packed, requiring tiny and inexpensive components.

InvenSense has created a tiny dual-axis gyroscope, which answers the camera phone industry need to accurately sense natural hand jitter. As a single-chip silicon device based on MEMS technology, the solution is smaller than competing devices that typically use a piezo-type technology. Hence, the InvenSense product fits into almost any camera phone. Proprietary wafer-level integration allows the gyroscope to meet the high-performance requirements for image stabilization applications while meeting the strict size and cost requirements of mobile handset manufacturers. More information can be found at www.invensense.com.

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