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Tiny M2M WiFi module allows machines to be accessed by mobile devices


Lantronix, Inc. has announced the xPico Wi-Fi SMT embedded device server, a certified, compact Wi-Fi surface mount module which enables quick and easy serial-to-Wi-Fi connectivity. The new xPico Wi-Fi SMT, which extends the features and benefits of Lantronix' existing xPico Wi-Fi module to a surface-mountable form factor, is intended to meet the needs of OEM design engineers and developers looking to develop IoT applications and solutions, in particular those requiring direct access to device data via smartphone, tablets, and connected PCs.

The xPico Wi-Fi SMT helps customers completely offload their Wi-Fi connectivity requirements and simplifies device manufacturing workflows and processes. With a tiny footprint, choice of antenna options, Web Service API, and a flexible microcontroller software interface, the new SMT version is designed for IoT devices that need to quickly communicate with the cloud, as well as directly connect via mobile devices.

  • Simultaneous Soft-AP and Client Mode: Unique feature that permits a service technician mode or direct local access without disconnecting from the enterprise wireless network 
  • Mobile Ready: Direct access to device data via smartphones, tablets and connected PCs
  • Complete Wi-Fi Connectivity Offload: Reduces complexity of application microcontroller and helps bring products to market faster with less risk
  • Complete Network Protocol Offload: Built-in Web Server, TCP/IP network stack, file system and network connection management can be utilized without writing complex application logic
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates: Enables reliable remote upgrades to xPico Wi-Fi firmware over the Internet, while preserving custom configurations
  • Web Service API: Use popular Web methodologies to communicate with and manage the connected device from cloud applications, mobile devices, and browsers
  • Industrial Ready: Operating environment at extended temperatures: -40C to +85C
  • Secure: 256-bit AES encryption
  • Low Power: Multiple power management modes for battery-powered operation
  • Choice of Footprint: Connector or surface mount formats, with on-board antenna and u.fl connectivity available, based on application requirements
  • Certified: Modular certification (FCC, IC, Japan, AU/NZ) and regulatory approvals for CE

New in xPico Wi-Fi SMT:

  • Surface Mount: Castellation footprint makes it easy to integrate with commonly available PCB assembly processes
  • On-board Antenna Option: Completely integrated solution that does not require additional Wi-Fi specific components
  • u.fl Antenna Option: Permits flexibility in placement of module and antenna within the product for optimal performance
  • Small Form Factor: Measuring only 18.3mm x 31.1mm x 3mm, it can be fitted into small spaces with low height profiles

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