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Tiny NFC tag packs embedded antenna

STMicroelectronics and Securitag Assembly Group (SAG) have announced a tiny NFC ferrite tag based on ST’s ST25 NFC tag IC for IoT data transmission in consumer electronics, wearable devices, and smart healthcare products. Small, light, and thin, the NFC ferrite tag can be surface-mounted during production through the metal pad and directly soldered to a PCB surface. Further, the tag’s anti-metallic interference characteristics allow it to function when placed on metal products.

The 4.9×3.0×2.5-mm ferrite tag packs an embedded antenna that benefits from the ST25TA02K NFC Forum Type 4 tag IC with built-in NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) message support. This allows NDEF data to be directly executed through an Android NFC phone without any dedicated application software. 

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