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Tiny PMIC shrinks power supply footprint


Intersil’s ISL91211 programmable PMIC achieves 91% efficiency at an output voltage of 1.1 V to enable system power for CPUs and FPGAs. The part’s low on-resistance MOSFETs and programmable PWM frequency allow designers to use fewer external components, resulting in a 50 mm2 power supply that is up to 40% than competitive offerings.

The ISL91211 is well-suited for use in smart phones, tablets, and wireless Internet of Things devices powered by single-cell lithium-ion batteries or 2.5 V to 5.5 V power supplies. The A-version is a 4-phase, triple-output PMIC, and the B-version is a 4-phase, quad-output PMIC. Based on Intersil’s R5 modulation technique, the ISL91211 provides fast single-cycle transient response and a 4 MHz switching frequency during load transients.

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