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TI’s DSP extends battery life in portable apps

Houston &#151 Texas Instruments extends battery life in portable systems with its new TMS320C5506 digital signal processor that requires only 0.12 mW of power in standby mode.

A full 128 Kbytes of on-chip memory makes for greater programming ease, and a full-speed USB 2.0 interface supplies cost-efficient wired connectivity. Among the many high-volume applications that can benefit from the C5506 DSP are touch screen controllers, USB headsets, cordless phones and hands-free car phone kits. For more information, please visit ti.com.

With the introduction of the C5506 DSP, system developers have a low-voltage, lower cost option that reduces power consumption even further to minimize the drain on batteries and prolong time between charges. Among the features is the low standby power of 0.12mW at 108 MHz and 1.2V. The device also offers multiple standby modes that turn off individual peripherals and internal functions.

Other integrated features that simplify design and help reduce system costs include a USB 2.0 full-speed port for PC connectivity, three MCBSP ports, three timers, I2C bus, six-channel DMA, 16-bit EMIF, and 36 GPIO. The large number of I/O ports aid in peripheral device connectivity.

The C5506 DSP is touted as an excellent solution for mass-market applications that require real-time signal processing performance yet need to keep power consumption low. Touch screen controllers are moving to DSP-based control for greater precision, lower cost and greater functionality. PC-connected USB headsets require plenty of processing for noise reduction, echo cancellation and audio streaming. In each of these cases, the C5506 DSP provides the right combination of low power consumption, MIPS, memory, connectivity, small form factor and affordability for the application.

For details of the device, see block diagram below:

Developers using the C5506 DSP can rely on the TMS320C55x Power Optimization DSP Starter Kit (DSK), a set of tools that reduces the time needed to find power bottlenecks in a design. For more information on these tools, visit ti.com

The TMS320C5506 DSP is now available in volume from TI and TI Authorized Distributors. The device is packaged in a 12 mm – 12 mm microBGA, with suggested pricing of $5.75 in quantities of 10,000 units.

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