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TI’s Full HD image sensor receiver reduces video system size


The SN65LVDS324 image sensor receiver IC from Texas Instruments Incorporated servea as a dedicated LVDS bridge between image sensors and processors. TI claims that compared to existing FPGA-based solutions, the SN65LVDS324 lowers the bill-of-materials (BOM) by 20 percent, reduces system power consumption by more than 10 percent and shrinks package size by 50 percent.

The new image sensor receiver IC provides full HD, 1080p60 image quality in video capture applications, including surveillance IP cameras and video conferencing systems, as well as industrial, consumer and professional video recording equipment.

The SN65LVDS324 is an extension of TI’s FlatLink and FlatLink3G serial interface technology, which reduces the number of signal lines used for synchronous parallel data bus structures with no loss in data throughput. It is also optimized to work with a variety of processors, including TI’s OMAP and DaVinci processors for video applications.

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