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TI’s new InstaSPIN-FOC and BoosterPack combo enable low-cost brushless motor dev

Texas Instruments has announced the new C2000 InstaSPIN-FOC (field-oriented-control) LaunchPad and DRV8301motor drive BoosterPack plug-in module, creating a fully-functional sensorless motor control system for $66 USD. TI's InstaSPIN-FOC technology , with the key software sensor algorithms embedded in on-chip ROM, alleviates system complexity for designers of all levels while also reducing design time by identifying, tuning and efficiently controlling any type of 3-phase, synchronous or asynchronous motor in just minutes. By including InstaSPIN-FOC technology in the on-board Piccolo F28027F MCU , the new $17 USD C2000 InstaSPIN-FOC LaunchPad dramatically reduces the barriers to entry for motor control development.

The compatible $49 DRV8301 motor drive BoosterPack plug-in module creates a low-voltage, medium-current, robust motor control solution that is ready for development of 6- to 24-V, up to 14-A applications and can be used as a low-cost prototyping and evaluation tool for developing a higher-powered system. The DRV8301 BoosterPack is designed as an affordable option to help developers start designing with 3-phase motor control and is made specifically for the C2000 InstaSPIN-FOC LaunchPad.

The new C2000 InstaSPIN-FOC LaunchPad development kit (LAUNCHXL-F28027F ) is now available for $17 USD, and the DRV8301 BoosterPack plug-in module  (BOOSTXL-DRV8301)  is available for $49 USD. 

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