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TI’s TMS320C6410, C6413 are available in volume for telecom apps

Houston, Tex. — Texas Instruments' TMS320C6410 and TMS320C6413 are now available in large volume production; targeting packet-switched telecom, media gateways and other cost-sensitive, high performance applications.

These devices are part of the performance value vector that was added to the TI DSP roadmap in April 2004. The C6410, priced at $17.95, offers a substantial price/performance ratio of 89 MMACs (Million Multiply Accumulates) per dollar, while the C6413, priced at $28.95, offers 69 MMACS per dollar at a clock rate of 500 MHz, according to TI.

Integrated on-chip are two standard McBSPs for multi-channel clocked serial communication, two Audio Serial Ports compatible with IIS and common stereo codecs, a 16-/32-bit microprocessor Host Port Interface, and two IIC control serial ports. Also included is an on-chip oscillator that lowers overall system cost by enabling developers to use a lower cost crystal in place of an external oscillator.

Two development boards are available today to allow designers ease of development on their C64x DSP designs; the new C6413 evaluation module (EVM) and the TMS320C6416T DSP Starter Kit (DSK), co-developed with Spectrum Digital. The DSK contains a C6416T-based development board, easy to use examples, tutorials, TI's DSP/BIOS operating system, and off-the-shelf algorithms ready to run from our DSP Third Party Network.

The C6413 EVM board contains the 500 MHz TMS320C6413, ample on-board memory and interfaces through a standard JTAG interface to the development system. The C6416T, C6413 and C6410 DSPs are 100 percent software code compatible along with the rest of the entire C6000 platform, which enables developers to achieve faster time to market for new designs. With these two development platforms, designers have two excellent ways to begin development of key pieces of the system, specifically algorithms, control code and initial software system integration.

The TMS320C6410 running at 400 MHz with 160 Kbytes total memory is $17.95 (10Ku), and the 500 MHz TMS320C6413 has 288 Kbytes total memory and costs $28.95 (10Ku). Both are packaged in a 23 mm x 23 mm flip-chip BGA package (288 pins, 4 rows, 1.0 mm BGA pitch), which allows four layer board routing.

For more details on TI's DSP line, please visit www.ti.com

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