TMS320C6418 DSP now runs over wider temp range -

TMS320C6418 DSP now runs over wider temp range

Houston , Texas &#151 Texas Instruments has launched an extended case temperature version of its TMS320C6418 at 500 MHz that is specified from – 40 to 105 degrees C, enabling applications to function under extremely harsh environmental conditions. A standard temperature version of the device was introduced nearly a year ago (See TI’s standard temp 6418).

“The extended-temperature qualification of this device will enable our customers to meet a wider range of environmental conditions, bringing their services to broader consumer markets, said Thomas Brooks, DSP platform marketing manager, Texas Instruments.

TI is also announcing that the standard temperature TMS320C6418 DSP is now in volume production at 600 MHz. For more information, please see: 600 MHz.

Featuring 512K bytes of level-two (L2) cache, the C6418 device at 500 MHz can achieve an impressive 2000, 16-bit million multiply accumulate cycles (MMACs) per second or 4000, 8-bit MMACs per second peak performance. An integrated Viterbi coprocessor (VCP) offloads heavily used operations from the core, boosting performance by as much as 30 percent in applications such as Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (DTTB) and Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) services.

Key on-chip peripherals that help keep component counts low and minimize board costs include two Multi-channel Buffered Serial Ports (McBSPs), two audio serial ports, a host port interface, two Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) control serial ports and an oscillator.

To help customers accelerate development and deployment of their systems, Spectrum Digital, a member of TI's third party developer network, offers an Evaluation Module (EVM) for the C6418 DSP. Included in the EVM tools are easy-to-use examples, tutorials and ready-to-run Reference Frameworks based on TI's DSP/BIOS kernel and off-the-shelf algorithms.

All of the TMS320C64x generation of devices are fully code-compatible, allowing developers to begin development immediately while leveraging their existing investment in intellectual property. In addition, the industry's most complete network of DSP third parties provides a wide variety of telecom and communications algorithms that can further accelerate time to market. Available algorithms are listed at algorithms.

. The new 500 MHz, extended-temperature version of the TMS320C6418 DSP is now available in production-qualified samples. Volume production is scheduled for the third quarter of 2005. The device is available in a 23×23 mm2 flip-chip 288-ball BGA package. Planned pricing is $49.50 per unit in quantities of 10K units.

The 600 MHz, standard-temperature version of the C6418 DSP is now available in volume quantities, with pricing of $49.50 per unit in quantities of 10K units.

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