TNI/Ayrton merger named Geensys -

TNI/Ayrton merger named Geensys


LONDON — Geensys is the name adopted by the company formed by the merger French embedded specialists TNI Software and Ayrton Technology.

The duo announced their intention to merge in August and the move brings together a broad range of complementary embedded services and products.

Geensys will offer a range of embedded development products and services on several levels, focusing on satisfying the embedded development requirements of the automotive, aerospace, defence, railway, industrial automation and telecommunications industries.

Geensys, which is a privately owned company, is headed by Serge Laverdure formerly the president and director general of Ayrton Technology. Marc Frouin, previously CEO of TNI-Software, has become president of Geensys and Eliane Fourgeau, the former COO of TNI-Software, becomes vice president of sales and marketing.

“We are extremely excited by the creation of Geensys and the opportunity it presents,” said Serge Laverdure, the newly appointed CEO of Geensys. “We are bringing together the well-proven and highly respected skills, expertise, products and services of TNI-Software and Ayrton Technology to create a powerful new force in the embedded market. Its formation is a classic example of a new, merged company being greater than the sum of its component parts.”

Drawing on the skills of 245 specialist engineers and the expertise built up in Ayrton Technology since its formation in 2001, Geensys will provide customers with a complete, outsourced embedded product design and realisation service covering hardware, software and mechatronic design, product prototyping, product integration, production, test and documentation generation. Geensys will also provide a customer-centric embedded projects handling and engineering capability along with a comprehensive process methodology consulting and training capability.

Geensys will offer its embedded development services both through its engineering centres based in Paris, Nancy and Nantes. Geensys also plans to tackle the emerging market for pre-packaged software IP (intellectual property) in the automotive market. Plans are already well advanced for the delivery of generic communications clusters and reusable software components for multi-function dashboard displays designed to run on a variety of industry-standard MCUs (microcontrollers). Additional software IP packages will include a CAN OSEK compliant layer stack, a FlexRay communications stack and a complete BSW stack for the AUTOSAR layered architecture with intelligent configuration tools.

On a product level and drawing on TNI-Software’s product portfolio built up since its formation in 1992, Geensys will offer a range of leading-edge embedded development tools covering model-driven development and requirements-centric system engineering.

These include Reqtify, ReqCenter, RTBuilder, ControlBuild and AUTOSAR Builder. Reqtify is Geensys tool for engineering requirements capture and management as well as traceability and impact analysis, the deployment of which has been broadened through successive OEM integrations agreements with ARTiSAN Software Tools, Esterel Technology, I-Logix/Telelogic, LDRA and National Instruments.

ReqCenter is an open, standards-based peer-to-peer requirements sharing and exchange tool for embedded systems development while RTBuilder is a virtual analysis platform designed to simulate distributed embedded systems for the perspective of architecture exploration, performance evaluation, start-up mode analysis and scheduling. ControlBuild is a front-to-back environment for the design, development, implementation and maintenance of control systems applications both within the industrial automation and rail transportation markets.

AUTOSAR Builder is an Eclipse-based software development platform that provides a seamless design environment for the creation of AUTOSAR compliant automotive electronics systems and ECUs. AUTOSAR Builder will be complemented by a variety of new functional test benches for automotive ECU’s including KWP2000 diagnostic, configuration and calibration tools, EOL test benches for production and a CAN-bus conformance test environment. Geensys has direct sales offices in France, Japan and China and resellers in the U.S. and Europe.

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