Tool automates PID design in FPAAs -

Tool automates PID design in FPAAs

The AnadigmPID EDA tool automates the development of analog proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control loops. It allows the user to build the loop onto an integrated silicon platform by specifying high-level control coefficients. Once designed and simulated, the controller circuit can be downloaded to a field programmable analog array (FPAA) for testing and validation. The implemented control subsystem can be controlled in real time by the embedded system processor, enabling the user to build control loops whose coefficients adjust as the system moves from start-up to inactive conditions. AnadigmPID is included as part of the AnadigmDesigner 2.3.0 ESO tool, which enables users to create circuits in Anadigm FPAAs. (FPAAs are the analog equivalent of FPGAs.) An evaluation kit with development board and software is available now.

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