Tool debugs while the processor chugs -

Tool debugs while the processor chugs


Green Hills has added a new capability called Run-Mode JTAG Debug to its MULTI debugger. Run-Mode JTAG Debug allows normal debugging operations to be performed without stopping the processor that controls the system. For software running on Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS, it enables the developer to designate a group of threads that will be stopped when a breakpoint is encountered, not just the thread containing the breakpoint. Run-Mode Debug is implemented by means of a JTAG debug port on ARM7, ARM9, and ARM10 processors using the Green Hills Probe or Slingshot hardware debug devices. Run Mode Debug uses the ARM debug communications channel to avoid halting the processor while communicating with application software.

ThreadX source licenses start at $12,500 and MULTi starts at $5,900 per developer. Both are available now.

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