Tool duo sculpts customized Linux platforms -

Tool duo sculpts customized Linux platforms


Pittsburgh — Designers working with TimeSys Corp.'s TimeStorm Linux Development Kit can now tap into two additional products LinuxDepot and LinuxEngineto help customize the operating system to meet specific footprint, feature, and hardware requirements.

LinuxDepot gives access to a continuously updated repository of kernel patches, drivers, updates for supported processors, tool chains, and over 200 source and prebuilt binary root file system packages. LinuxEngine harnesses an automated builder to speed and simplify delivery of a customized Linux platform.

Besides its continuously evolving component repository, LinuxDepot contains a rich source of development information, a knowledge base, and an Eclipse-based framework that includes resources for locally testing and validating a customized Linux distribution.

For its part, LinuxEngine embodies an intelligent automated build system that aims to simplify the job of assembling a custom platform through such features as automated build assembly, dependency tracking, and intelligent caching.

Developers can select what they need from the component repository and add custom applications and package optimizations. These are submitted to the builder and returned as a complete installable distribution that can be updated on demand throughout a project's life cycle.

Annual subscriptions start at $12,000 for Linux Depot and $15,000 for Linux Engine. Both tools are available through the company's TimeSys Network, a secure, hosted infrastructure.

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