Tool eases legacy applications in move to MIPS -

Tool eases legacy applications in move to MIPS


LDRA, which develops automated software verification, source code analysis and test tools, is now supporting assembly-level code for MIPS processors.

Targeting high reliability applications in aviation, satellite, medical and aerospace, the LDRA tool suite provides assembler support for Green Hills and GNU variants of MIPS assembly along with C-style macro syntax.

This will enable a number of legacy applications can be fully certified to the most rigorous levels of DO-178B and FDA certification.

Legacy applications frequently lack source code, making it impossible to provide source–to–object-code traceability that verifies that no code can trigger unexpected or errant behaviour when the application executes.

With LDRA assembler support, applications lacking source code can be disassembled into object code that boasts the complete range of artifacts needed for certification. Reports can then link source and object code, fulfilling the structural coverage analysis of certifications such as DO-178B.

With a unique ability to process instructions simultaneously, MIPS processors deliver very large I/O throughput and fast processing capabilities with minimal power and weight, making them ideal for the computationally intensive aerospace environment.

To ensure complete code coverage, LDRA’s tool suite accounts for the MIPS processor's ability to execute multiple instructions simultaneously and predicatively execute instructions down the pipeline. The LDRA tool suite accurately records coverage information, ensuring that any code optimized for the MIPS architecture is fully accounted for.

LDRA tool suite for MIPS assembler code enables the certification of BIOS and board-level support as well as hand-coded assembly for all MIPS processors including those environmentally hardened. The LDRA tool suite for assembly code provides the full range of verification artifacts needed for mission- or safety-critical certification. In addition, the DO-178B Tool Qualification Support Package for Object Code Verification provides complete source–to–object-code traceability for customer-specified environments.

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