Tool for reconfigurable computing -

Tool for reconfigurable computing


DIMEtalk, a system management tool for creating a communications backbone within scalable FPGA systems, creates a network within an FPGA or across multiple FPGAs for moving data between hardware and other system interfaces. DIMEtalk enables designers to port their applications from upstream software tools directly to the Xilinx FPGAs on Nallatech's Modular DIME hardware systems. DIMEtalk builds a packet-based network composed of nodes, routers, bridges, and edges from a GUI interface and then automatically generates code for the network, allowing data to move between user-defined hardware within an FPGA, between FPGAs, and between and FPGA and a host/PCI bridge. The designer inserts application code into appropriate areas within the DIMEtalk-generated network, thereby providing a layer of abstraction between the programmer and HDL design. DIMEtalk is available now for $1,995.

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