Tool shortens boundary-scan development times -

Tool shortens boundary-scan development times

LONDON — JTAG Technologies (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) has developed a product that enables engineers to prepare PCB testing and in-system programming applications based on the IEEE 1149.x boundary-scan standards.

The JTAG ProVision uses a project database structure, automatically analysing the boundary-scan and non-boundary-scan elements of a design to create a set of tests and in-system programming applications. This approach to device modelling provides the entire information needed to control correctly non-scan clusters for optimum test coverage, whilst maintaining manual override capability for skilled users.

The tool can handle all levels of target complexity from single boards with one, or multiple, Test Access Ports (TAPs) through complex, multi-board configurations.

James Stanbridge, U.K. Sales Manager of JTAG Technologies, said, “We’re capitalising on the acknowledged power inherent in our comprehensive line of development and production products by making the development process even easier and more intuitive. What’s more all of the benefits of our Design For Test (DFT) and production tools are immediately available to users of JTAG ProVision.” A wizard guides the user through the steps to prepare an application. Graphical tools allow management of design data while JTAG Technologies’ DFT analysis tools monitor coverage.

Applications developed with JTAG ProVision are fully compatible with all existing production tools from JTAG Technologies, including stand-alone boundary-scan systems as well as ICT, flying probe, and functional test system integrations.

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