Tool simplifies embedded software development -

Tool simplifies embedded software development


LONDON — Software Acumen is to distribute the pure::variants embedded software too, developed by German company pure-systems, in the U.K. It simplifies the process of producing multiple variants of the same software.

Embedded software engineers in Germany are already using pure::variants to build variants of engine management systems for use in different types of vehicle. It will be used in around 60 projects each year generating around 1500 software variants with around 7500 parameters specifying how the software behaves.

Pure::variants allows companies to build a software product line – like a manufacturing assembly line but for producing similar software products – once a software product line is established new product variants can be assembled simply, reliably and automatically. It is available as a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE which reduces the adoption barrier.

Robert Bosch and Daimler Chrysler are already using pure::variants and the software product lines are also applicable outside the embedded sector.

Software Acumen (Cambridge) is a specialist provider of services and tools to organizations producing software variants.

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