Tool suite simplifies web application development -

Tool suite simplifies web application development


The Visual WebGui Professional Studio lets developers build enterprise-class Internet applications. The tools, from Gizmox, come with unlimited technical support for subscribers. This latest version of the suite offers an enhanced developer experience, full integration with existing tools, and enterprise grade scalability and redundancy with server extensions. In addition, new enterprise-class services, such as prototyping, consulting, and hot-fixes are available to optimize the development experience.

The Visual WebGui Professional Studio allows the efficient creation of data centric applications using proven technologies. The developer claim that it's the fastest AJAX/Silverlight development framework, resulting in an RIA development productivity boost as well as enhanced end-user experiences, improved customer satisfaction and retention, and increased ROI.

The professional version includes the Visual WebGui run-time platform that enables desktop-like responsiveness and heavy-lifting abilities and allows multiple presentation layers generated from the same source code. This let users create customized applications, in DHTML or a rich, customer facing Silverlight UI using the same code base. It also contributes to a significant cut in development cycles for both DHTML and Silverlight with its Windows forms-like drag and drop designer, complete integration into Visual Studio and ASP.NET, and third-party controls wrapper wizard. More information is available at

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