Tool supports SuperH use in telematics -

Tool supports SuperH use in telematics

LEEDS, England — CodeScape, the specialist SuperH series embedded tools arm of Imagination Technologies, is providing design-in support for Renesas Technology's SH7780 processor for use in car infotainment systems.

CodeScape supports the complete development cycle including hardware bring-up with ROM-less boot and hardware assisted debug, firmware development and OS porting, OS-aware application development, and performance analysis. The development environment includes seamlessly integrated software tools and hardware interfaces to fully exploit the on-chip debug capabilities of the SH7780.

The toolset is built around a source-level debugger and extends to graphical data visualisation, comprehensive scripting, and other advanced debug and development features. It integrates with tools from Renesas, GNU, and others to use the debug information they generate.

The DASH4A Development Interface for the SH4A series provides low-level debug support, such as ROM-less boot, and high performance communications channels with the target. It is fully networkable and uses the H-UDI to communicate with the target at up to 1.5Mbytes/s and via Ethernet with the host at up to 1Mbyte/s.

It can be used with the supplied scripting system and/or DLLs for low-level activities such as production line testing and commissioning of systems, or it can be used with the CodeScape debugger for product development.

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