Tool to provide digital management for consumers -

Tool to provide digital management for consumers


Cambridge, UK — A TV application that enables consumers to view, play, and manage digital media files, including photos, audio and video has been developed by ANT. PurePlay is a family of complementary digital media management (DMM) applications which can retrieve digital-media files from any local or networked storage, organise and manage them, and display them on TV.

First member of the family is PurePlay Photo, which provides digital photo-management and which can be integrated into TVs, set-top boxes and other consumer electronic devices. To be added to the PurePlay family are audio and video DMM applications, which have already been demonstrated in concept form.

PurePlay can be tailored to the requirements of the manufacturer, including configuration of available features, optimisation, input devices (remote controls) and memory card types. The user interface can also be configured to suit a client's brand, and to provide an integrated look-and-feel.

ANT is to announce partnerships with silicon vendors who have optimised ANT PurePlay for their silicon in the near future.

PurePlay can run with as few as nine buttons, making it suitable for any device that uses a typical remote control; additional buttons can be used to increase functionality.

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