Toolkit optimized for AMCC's 440EPx, GRx embedded processors -

Toolkit optimized for AMCC’s 440EPx, GRx embedded processors


Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley, San Jose, Calif.—SafeNet Inc. announced the availability of QuickSec, an IPSec VPN toolkit optimized specifically for Applied Micro Circuit Corp.'s 440EPx and 440GRx processors.

SafeNet's QuickSec IPSec toolkit and AMCC's processors provide a complete security product for vendors of network-attached devices. The result gives customers an immediate IPSec security solution, already integrated, documented, tested and benchmarked for the 440EPx and 440GRx processors.

The QuickSec toolkit has been optimized to seamlessly interoperate with the SafeNet- developed turbo security engines embedded in AMCC's 440EPx and 440GRx processors for security system performance and ease of integration.

AMCC customers can visit to download a free evaluation version of QuickSec and will receive special discounted rates when purchasing the toolkit.

“When a customer chooses these processors, it's because security is a priority,” said Sam Fuller, vice president of marketing, AMCC, in a statement. “The integration of QuickSec into our embedded processors will enable vendors of network-attached devices including multi-function printers, routers, and storage, to reassure customers that all data and communication between their devices is encrypted and therefore not susceptible to loss of privacy or integrity.”

Also announced today is the next wave of secure SoCs from AMCC, the 405EX and 460EX. Both processors will feature SafeNet-developed turbo security engines to provide excellent security system performance.

SafeNet will be exhibiting in MontaVista's booth #1640 at the Embedded Systems Conference, Silicon Valley.

SafeNet Inc., 1-800-533-3958,

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