Tools ease development of Java and .Net applications -

Tools ease development of Java and .Net applications


Borland has launched four products to target both the .NET and Java communities. Borland C#Builder is the first independent enterprise-focused solution for the Microsoft Framework. It is designed to provide design-driven development for rapid application maintenance and integral support to connect to back-end J2EE and CORBA software infrastructures.

This helps companies to manage the entire lifecycle of an application's development, allowing them to accelerate the launch of strategic products and services.

The latest version of the company's Java development environment, JBuilder 9, accelerates the development of high-performance Java-based enterprise applications. This version incorporates Borland Optimizeit Suite 5.5, which is engineered to help developers address performance issues early on in the development lifecycle.

This version efficiently integrates all aspects of the development workflow across the entire lifecycle of the applications development. JBuilder 9 provides seamless requirements management, analysis and design, software configuration management, quality and performance assurance, and J2EE deployment. Optimizeit 5.5 simplifies the task of finding and solving performance and reliability issues.

For organisations using both Microsoft and Java platforms, Borland is bridging the gap through the launch of Borland Janeva. The solution allows enterprises to integrate .NET applications with J2EE and CORBA-based back office software systems.

Borland is targeting small and medium-sized businesses through a targeted version of its J2EE deployment platform. The Enterprise Server, Team Edition provides a proven and platform for building, testing and deploying J2EE applications.

Published in Embedded Systems Europe June 2003

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