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Toolset automates testing


Calabasas, Calif.—Ixia expanded its test automation toolset with the release of Test Conductor1.1, which is designed to simplify device-under-test configuration, offers vendor-agnostic execution, integrates with Mercury Quality Center and enhances trend reporting.

Test automation tools provide the organization and framework that allows network equipment manufacturers and service providers to develop, organize and execute quality assurance tests. Test Conductor allows organizations to run QA tests at every step in a product's life cycle— from development to integration to deployment—speeding time to market.

Test Conductor 1.1 expands its applicability through four major features. The DUT configuration module (DCM) simplifies device configuration and monitoring, using capture/replay to eliminate the need to write scripts, creating a library of reusable configuration procedures.

Test Conductor 1.1 offers vendor-agnostic execution, allowing test scripts from any test vendor to integrate smoothly with Ixia-based application tests.

Its integration with the Mercury Quality Center eliminates the need to segregate network testing plans from other test plans and provides a tight coupling of general purpose test management processes and Ixia testing solutions. Test Conductor's trend reporting has been enhanced to reduce the time to report and analyze trends during a product's life cycle.

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