Toolset for TriCore sports souped-up compiler -

Toolset for TriCore sports souped-up compiler

Altium Limited, a developer of windows-based development tools, says it expects its Tasking VX-toolset for Infineon's 32-bit TriCore architecture to increase execution speed and reduce code size by 10% over its existing TriCore tools.

The central element in the new toolset is a compiler based on the company's proprietary Viper compiler-design framework and complemented by a target-independent linker that offers enhanced integration with third-party products and a new Linker Script Language. Other tools in the set include a development environment, an assembler, and a debugger.

As with previous Tasking TriCore toolsets, the VX toolset offers TriCore 1 and TriCore 2 support (including derivatives), MISRA C code checking, and compliance with TriCore EABI and ISO C '99 standards. It also includes support for FPU, MMU, PCP 1 and 2, and extended TriCore device support in the form of ready-prepared configurations and SFR-header files for a number of automitive and industrial microcontrollers, such as the TC1910 and TC 1912.

The Tasking TriCore VX toolset, which supports C, C++, and EC++, will be available in April for $5,390.

Altium LimitedSydney, Australia61 2 9975

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