ToP technology removes barrier to network convergence -

ToP technology removes barrier to network convergence


An innovative Timing-over-Packet (ToP) technology lets carriers confidently support time-critical voice, video, and data services over packet networks. Carriers rolling out packet-based equipment face a major stumbling block because many services, such as wireless infrastructure, video, and even online gaming, have critical time dependencies that can't be met by “best-effort” packet infrastructures. As a result, carriers must rely on expensive solutions such as GPS receivers and circuit-based T1/E1 connections to ensure accurate synchronization of services across packet networks.

Zarlink Semiconductor's patent-pending ToP technology enables timing and synchronization to be distributed across asynchronous Ethernet, IP, and MPLS packet networks. Carriers can lower their operating costs by eliminating GPS receivers and T1/E1 connections, while maintaining high-quality service for time-sensitive applications.

The ToP technology is built on a hardware-based processing engine coupled with control software and clock-recovery algorithms. This solution encodes and transmits a master clock over existing packet networks and accurately recovers the clock at client nodes. Performance significantly better than T1.403 Section traffic interface is achievable over a wide range of packet networks, while performance equal to T1.101 Section 7.2.1 synchronization interface is achievable on well-managed networks. TheToP device will be released to sale later this year. For more information, visit

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