Top Ten Cracking Inventions -

Top Ten Cracking Inventions


This weeks Radio Times, the UK's program guide, included a giant poster showing Wallace & Gromit's Top Ten Cracking Inventions.

If you dont know them Wallace and Gromit are the main characters in a series of British animated short films and feature-length films by Nick Park of Aardman Animations. All the characters are made from moulded plasticine modelling clay on metal armatures, and filmed with stop motion clay animation.

Wallace, an absent-minded inventor living in Wigan, Greater Manchester, is a cheese enthusiast (especially for Wensleydale). His companion, Gromit, is an anthropomorphic intelligent dog. Wallace communicates only through facial expressions and body language.

They won an Oscar for Best Animated Featured film of the year in 2005 for The Curse of the Were-Rabit.

Their top ten Cracking Inventions are:

  1. George the robot
  2. Jet pack
  3. Teasmade
  4. Ejector seat
  5. Mars BioSuit
  6. Pocket calculator
  7. Scarp metal fridge
  8. Electric motorbike
  9. Fly-eating clock
  10. Invisibilitiy

They have a website all about their World of Invention.
Come on – lets have your suggestions on what should have made the top ten?

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