Top wireless gadgets on Santa's list -

Top wireless gadgets on Santa’s list


I'm getting my child an Amazon Kindle for Christmas. Anyone who knows me well, knows what a watershed moment this is for me. Although I am addicted to most of my wireless gadgets, I have steadfastly resisted e-readers. Why? Trained to be a writer, I have always been a voracious reader. I love books. Love the weight of them in my hands. Love to go to bookstores and browse. Love the satisfaction of looking at a book I am reading and see how many pages I have turned and how many left to go.

So, what changed? My child is a voracious reader too. Cannot get enough books. So, the idea of an immediate download rather than schlepping to the library every other day is, quite frankly, appealing to me. And, when we are halfway to our destination and she finished a book, well, there is another one waiting. Up to appx. 3500 books can be carried around in one little gadget. So, 'generation next' sold me. That and the fact that I learned most 'old' books are a free download over Wi-Fi. How cool is that?

All of this got me thinking, what are on your top wireless gadget wish lists this holiday season?Apple iPad? Kindle? Samsung Galaxy Tablet? Seriously, comment below and let me know, because there may be a gadget out there that I don't know about and just have to have!

If you need inspiration, CNET has a list of Top-10 must have gadgets, as does Smashing Lists  and Project Gadget.

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