Toshiba adds Cortex-M3 micros with 1MByte flash and connectivity options -

Toshiba adds Cortex-M3 micros with 1MByte flash and connectivity options

Toshiba Electronics Europe has added four devices to its family of 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers. The TMPM361, TMPM362, TMPM363 and TMPM364 microcontrollers will suit embedded applications such as office equipment and industrial control systems where minimum power consumption and component count and high levels of connectivity are key design criteria.

All four devices feature 1Mbyte of flash memory, 64Kbytes of on-chip RAM and a static memory controller (SMC) with a 16-bit external data bus that supports the addition of an additional 16Mbytes of off-chip memory.

On-board functionality includes an 8- or 16-channel 10-bit analogue-to-digital converter (ADC), a real-time clock (RTC), a 16-bit timer and a watchdog timer (WDT). In addition, a consumer electronics control (CEC) unit and a remote control signal pre-processor (RMC) simplify the implementation of designs requiring remote control functionality.

The TMPM361 and TMPM363 microcontrollers both offer 5-channel general-purpose serial I/O (SIO) and 3-channel serial bus interface (SBI) connectivity. The TMPM362 and TMPM364 have 12 channels and five channels respectively. A third SBI channel on both the TMPM361 and TMPM363 can be configured for I2C, while CAN and USB interfaces are built into the TMPM363 and TMPM364.

All of the micros provide a synchronous serial bus interface (SSP) that supports SPI, SSI and Microwire formats.

Compatible with supply voltages of between 2.7V and 3.6V, the TMPM36x microcontrollers operate with a maximum operating frequency of 64MHz. Designed to keep power consumption to a minimum each device offers ‘idle’, ‘sleep’ and ‘stop’ standby modes as well as a backup module (BUPMD) that can shut down all but the key functions.

The TMPM361 and TMPM363 are supplied in 100-pin, 14mm x 14mm LQFP packages, have eight dedicated inputs and provide 68 and 66 I/Os respectively. The TMPM362 and TMPM364 feature 20mm x 20mm 144-pin packaging, respective I/Os of 104 and 66 and up to 16 dedicated inputs.

The Keil MCBTMPM36x range of evaluation boards and starter kits support the MCUs and allow designers to create and test working programs and key functionality.

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