Toshiba doubles single-die NAND capacity -

Toshiba doubles single-die NAND capacity


Toshiba Corporation has introduced a 2Gb single-die NAND flash memory with double the capacity of the company's present largest single-die NAND flash memory. The company also announced a 4Gb NAND flash memory IC that stacks two of the 2Gb NAND flash memories in a single package.

The 2Gb NAND flash memory was developed by Toshiba Corporation and SanDisk Corporation under a 1999 agreement. The new chips will be produced with advanced 0.13-micron process technology at Flash Vision Japan, a joint venture between Toshiba and SanDisk located in Yokkaichi, Japan.

NAND flash memory ICs offer high-density, non-volatile data retention and are employed in flash memory cards and as embedded memory in digital consumer products such as digital still cameras, PDAs, and mobile phones.

With the introduction of the new devices, Toshiba's NAND flash memory component line-up will range from 64Mb to 4Gb devices.

Samples of the new 2Gb NAND flash memory, designated TC58DVG14B1FT00, are available now for $60. Samples of the 4Gb NAND flash memory, designated TH58DVG24B1FT00, are scheduled to be available in April for $120. The company says it expects production to start in June 2003 at a monthly capacity of 300,000 units for each IC.

Here are some specifications from the company's announcement:

  • Configuration: 128M x 8-bit
  • Power Supply: Vcc=2.7-3.6V
  • Page Size: 512+16 bytes
  • Block Size: 32K B
  • Programming Time: 1ms per page typical
  • Erase Time: 2ms per block typical
  • Access Times: 50 microseconds first access (maximum)50 nanoseconds serial access (minimum)
  • Package 48-pin TSOP Type1, 12x20x1.2mm

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