Toshiba plans vector engine for energy-efficient DC motor control -

Toshiba plans vector engine for energy-efficient DC motor control

Toshiba Corp.   readying the deployment of several new microcontrollers with an on-chip vector engine coprocessor that will allow the design of much more energy efficient DC motor controllers.The development is in response to a market demand for energy efficient DC motors to replace ac motors in many applications. However, unlike AC, the control of dc motors generally requires more sophisticated control. The use of the vector engine as a coprocessor for control algorithms improves the energy efficiency of motor applications.A version of the coprocessor is now being used in Toshiba’s M370 family of Cortex-M3 based MCUs, but the company is now developing a New Vector Engine that will handle more applications and further improve energy efficiencies in motor design.Development will start with the TX03 series, based on Cortex-M3, followed by the TX04 series based on the Cortex-M4F core. A third MCU family will be the TX00 series based on the Cortex-M0 core and including a programmable motor driver rather than the new Vector Engine.The TX03, TX04 and TX00 MCU product lines will be offered with variations on the available embedded memory, peripheral functions and packages to tailor them for motor control functions in home appliances, office equipment and factory automation equipment.

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