Touch protected scope probe has integrated high-pass filter -

Touch protected scope probe has integrated high-pass filter

Unwanted low frequency signals can now be suppressed with an HP oscilloscope probe introduced by Multi-Contact. The Isoprobe III HP has a built in high-pass filter which can suppress low frequency signals by as much as 40 dB without distorting high frequencies. This allows engineers to more easily identify the high frequency transients in electronic circuits which can cause system failure.

Its touch protection design allows the probe to be used in CAT III environments up to 1000 V and CAT IV up to 600 V, in accordance with the IEC/EN 61010-031 standard.

The flexible 120 cm long double-insulated lead is terminated in a fully insulated BNC plug which includes an integral compensation circuit. This can be adjusted between 12 pF and 25 pF to match a variety of oscilloscope types. A 2 mm safety socket in the probe allows connection of a reference lead.  

The Isoprobe III HP has a 100:1 dividing ratio, with a frequency range of 1.1 kHz to 35 MHz (3dB). Input capacitance is as low as 8 pF with a rise time of less than 10 ns.

The probe is available separately or it can be supplied with an accessory set including a push-on hook clip, reference lead with crocodile clip, push-on insulation sleeve and color coded clips for easy probe identification.

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