TPFT filter bank design provides radio spectrum channeliser -

TPFT filter bank design provides radio spectrum channeliser


RF Engines has released a patented filter bank design, called the Tuneable Pipelined Frequency Transform (TPFT). It allows the user to dynamically select sections of spectrum (channels) of differing bandwidths, from a broad band of spectrum, and to acquire and process these channels in real time.

The design disregards the processing of those sections of spectrum that are not of interest, so improving the silicon efficiency even further.

The TPFT architecture has been developed by building upon RFEL's own Pipelined Frequency Transform design, and is aimed at those applications that require flexibility in frequency channelisation, but also real-time reconfiguration to different frequency plans.

The TPFT is targeted at a range of applications where reconfigurable front ends are required, from wideband multi-standard receivers e.g. satellite earth station receivers, base station receivers, reconfigurable radio systems through to instrumentation.

It is aimed at those applications requiring the channelisation of wideband signals (~80MHz) into different size frequency bins arbitrarily distributed across the input spectrum.

It enables users to specify channels by centre frequency and bandwidth, to fully define the filter characteristics, and to then reconfigure in real-time to a different frequency plan or plans, as required.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) November 2002

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