TRACE32 adds ST Microelectronics RTOS support -

TRACE32 adds ST Microelectronics RTOS support


TRACE32 debug tools now support the ST Microelectronics real-time operating system, OS21. RTOS awareness is included in all new releases of the TRACE32 software for the ST40 family of microprocessors. The OS21 awareness is able to display RTOS objects, providing separate windows for the display of tasks, event groups, and semaphores.

Using the trace capability the debugger can provide dual-port access to the memory; these objects can then be displayed while the application is running in real time. TRACE32 also supports the implementation of task related breakpoints. Built-in stack coverage analysis allows measurement of the stack usage of each task.

Each task's call stack (the context) can also be viewed individually. TRACE32 analyzers are able to provide selective recording of the bus cycles. This data can then be used to examine the task switches and display the results graphically. A performance analyzer evaluates task and function run times. Statistic tables give information about the system usage. The JTAG tools can provide dynamic performance analysis without using the real-time trace, but this is slightly intrusive. TRACE32 periodically detects the running tasks and creates a graph of the task usage by the target.

OS21 and kernel awareness can be run in the TRACE32 instruction set simulator, which is available free of charge from the Lauterbach website.

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