TRACE32 debuggers now support ARMv8 architecture -

TRACE32 debuggers now support ARMv8 architecture


The ARMv8 Embedded Trace Macrocell (Ev4) from Lauterbach provides non-intrusive program-flow trace and data trace capabilities for any of the ARMv8 architecture-based processors for full visibility into the processor’s instruction flow and enables profiling analysis.

The TRACE32 tools further support the CoreSight technology for the ARMv8 architecture. It extends the debug and trace capability to cover the entire SoC, including multiple ARM processors and DSPs. Switching between 64-bit and 32-bit execution mode is smoothly handled by TRACE32 to provide reliable debug support for complex applications.

TRACE32 offers full OS-aware support for all popular operating systems running on asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) or symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) systems.

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