TRACE32-Fire and PowerProbe supports CAN -

TRACE32-Fire and PowerProbe supports CAN


The TRACE32-PowerProbe analyser and the TRACE32-FIRE emulator port analyser from Lauterbach now support the CAN bus protocol.

Both analysers have been updated to support the CAN-Bus 2.0 protocol. To do this one channel of the analyser is connected to the receive line of the CAN bus. This also makes it possible to investigate several CAN busses simultaneously and to display all activities occurring on them.

With 64 channels and a storage depth of 128k or 256ksamples in the case of the port analyser, and similarly 64 channels with a storage depth of 128k samples for the PowerProbe there is a sufficiently large time window available for making analyses. Any baud rate from 0 to 1Mbit/s can be selected. The CAN data is shown time-correlated with the program trace data.

The 'Normal' and 'AllMessages' selection function makes it possible to display only the most important information. Customers who already use the port analyser will receive this software update free of charge.

The screen shot above shows normal mode (standard) with an error message.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) February 2002

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