TraceSpan adds portable GPON network analyzer -

TraceSpan adds portable GPON network analyzer

TraceSpan Communications has developed a portable version of its GPON Xpert analyzer,  a passive multi-layer protocol analyzer for GPON networks, designed for engineers engaged in the development, testing and deployment of GPON solutions.

It will be used to reduce the time for GPON development, deployment, debugging, and interoperability testing.

The portable version expands the GPON Xpert product line and makes it available for telecom operators' tier-3 customer support and OLT/ONU manufacturers' support groups and field engineers. This version provides GPON Xpert's full set of capture and analysis capabilities and similar performance.

It makes use of GPON Xpert's existing capabilities for connection to live GPON networks, including the option to connect in parallel to the line and perform automatic time calibration with no need to physically disconnect the fiber or interrupt the traffic in any other way.

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