Track WiFi-enabled clients from within a WLAN -

Track WiFi-enabled clients from within a WLAN


Thousands of WiFi-enabled clients can be simultaneously tracked from directly within a customer's existing wireless LAN infrastructure using Cisco Systems' Wireless Location Appliance 2700. The appliance provides the power of a cost-effective, high-resolution location solution that optimizes the LAN's performance to support voice, data, and now location, while rapidly locating security threats. By providing the ability to integrate tightly with a spectrum of technology and application partners, the appliance facilitates the development of new business applications that improve asset utilization and streamline business processes.

The Wireless Location Appliance 2700 uses RF fingerprinting capabilities to accurately locate authorized or unauthorized 802.11-enabled devices to within a few meters. This includes wireless laptops, PDAs, voice-over-wireless LAN (VoWLAN) handsets, rogue access points and clients, and devices equipped with active 802.11 RFID tags. The location of each device is graphically displayed on a floor plan, enabling network administrators to rapidly determine each device's physical location. The appliance sells for $14,995. For more information, visit

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