Traffic-manager IC advances Ethernet services -

Traffic-manager IC advances Ethernet services

The TME-2000 is a packet-based traffic manager chip that's optimized to deliver next-generation Ethernet services. Designed by Sandburst Corp., the device's advanced hardware-based QoS lets OEMs and carriers achieve the per-user, per-application, and per-flow bandwidth control and service prioritization needed to drive new converged real-time voice, video, and data communications services across carrier-grade Ethernet networks.

As service providers increasingly deploy Ethernet as the medium to deliver higher bandwidth connectivity, real-time video and television services, and toll-quality voice, the networks must support significantly enhanced quality of service characteristics. Historically, Ethernet networks lacked the quality of service attributes of circuit based TDM or ATM networks necessary for the scaleable delivery of these new services. The TME-2000 provides scaleable Ethernet-optimized traffic management per-subscriber, thereby enabling the successful delivery of a rich, continually-evolving suite of subscriber services across a cost effective Ethernet infrastructure. In addition, it integrates two SPI 4.2 interfaces for a standards-based interconnect.

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